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Injection moulds are an indispensable industry in the manufacturing industry, and Crate Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) is widely used in various industries. Injection moulds produce products that guarantee quality while reducing costs. It is the best choice for a variety of manufacturing industries.

Crate mould manufacturing has a wide range of applications. It provides a complete structure and precise dimensional processing tools for raw materials. Suitable for product manufacturing in various industries. It can produce products in batches. The injection moulding process enables mass production of the exterior. The products have the same shape and product structure. The advantages of rapid prototyping of injection moulds, and the ability to manufacture products suitable for various industries according to the appearance, performance and use of the products. This is a modern mould industry.

Prior to installing the crate mould, the upper and lower surfaces of the mould should be cleaned to ensure that the crate mould mounting surface and the press surface are not crushed, and that the upper and lower mounting surfaces of the injection mould are parallel in production. After installing the crate mould, open the mould and clean the parts of the injection mould, especially the guiding mechanism. For surface part injection moulds, the profiles are cleaned to ensure the quality of the parts. Lubricate the sliding parts of the injection mould and apply grease. Check all parts of the injection mould, especially the safety parts.

During the production process, corresponding parts of the crate mould, such as the guide columns, are periodically oiled. After the production is completed, a thorough inspection of the injection mould is required. The injection mould should be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that the injection mould is clean. Clean the waste in the crates and make sure there are no waste in the waste bin.

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