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A few, pull that lead vary

The authentic smoke draws the be responsible for side small-scale, the spot is just a little low;

The fictitious smoke pulls the top to end up big, the positioning is substantial.

Three, that trademark pieces of paper side generating process consideration

The stripes quietly of that paper can be narrower and even lighter on color, the circle additionally, the number Newport Regular Cigarettes "20" can be darker and reduced color, additionally, the bar Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In USA prefix is slightly reduced position.

The stripes quietly of that paper can be wider and even darker, that circles and even Numbers "20" can be lighter and even higher, additionally, the bar prefix is just a little higher.

Intravenous. Contrast in filter guideline and smoking paper

The cigarette clean is pretty short, the written text Cigarettes Online color in "Yellow Crane Tower" is without a doubt lighter, additionally, the vertical creases of smoking paper can be clear.

That filter guideline of fraudulent cigarette is without a doubt longer, the written text color in "Yellow Crane Tower" is without a doubt darker, additionally, the vertical materials of smoking paper is without a doubt fuzzy.

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