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I've been betting online at this time for 3 years and starting in the US creating at a good quality online casino can be difficult due to the limited number of casinos that welcome US players. And if you are a fan of slot machines, our alternatives are even more limited because there are only a few casino soft features currently available for Syndicated Americans. In my experience, Real Time Gaming is a well-known soft feature facilitator for US actors and this year they were prestigious with recent bonuses such as Count Spectacular and Mice Dice.agen bola indonesia

Spectacular Numbers

One of the most recent exciting online slots released in December 2010 by Real Time Gaming. I have to confirm that I didn't really believe in this latest online slot in the first place give me flashbacks of cereal like a kid when I ate all the marsh mellows out of the box and got sick. But as soon as the Count Spectacular appeared and my speakers exploded with terrifying laughter and a harsh catch of light, I was immediately hooked.

With up to 25 lines, the winning percentage for this movie slot is huge and attractive for the entire bank roll because you can gamble anywhere from 1 cent to $ 5.00 per line, keep going big. You gamble continue to be the biggest payout in extra spins. The scatter icon is the Castle and it pays well because when the Count Spectacular appears, it also takes over the scatter icon. The replacement for the icon is definitely Count Spectacular and it takes over all the icons and grows to cover all the twists as they arise. To activate the Count Spectacular additional loops it needs to appear on reels 1 and 5 at the same spin. After that, you are required to sort between 12 rounds of free betting 3x or 4 rounds back with the Count Spectacular constantly being expanded on turns 1 and 5. Count Spectacular also has minor and main jackpots that can be triggered at the end of each round at random. Continuing to be the more you gamble per line increases your chances of making a random jackpot, even though I've hit a small jackpot bet of only 1 cent per line.

Dice Mice

Mice Dice's latest USA online slot was released in May 2011 and is one of my 25 favorite Real Time Gaming online slot lines. Mice Dice can be played at most of the top US online casinos. Mice Dice is a slot titled animated mouse with all the glamor and glamor that would seem like a casino made of rats.

The great thing about this US online slot is that you don't need a lot of cheese to place bets here because you can either gamble 1 cent per line or if you have a bigger bank roll bet capped at $ 5.00 per line. The icons include a cheese martini, wind to car, dice, casino and some of the graphs and jeweled grades. The scatter icon is a casino that pays 3 or more times appearing anywhere in the loop. The dice icon takes over the entire icon but the scatter icon. Additional spins can be triggered when 2 or more Dice icons appear from left to right on the loop. If 3 or more Dice icons appear from left to right, you will get 2 extra rolls of dice in extra rounds. In additional sessions, you can win up to 30 free games and a multiplier of up to 12x in additional sessions. Mice Dice USA online casino has many other features listed; small and large jackpots that can be triggered at the end of each spin, collateral features that allow additional spins to be triggered on a special number of spins and a win-win feature which is the latest clear duration game feature that increases even more happiness for USA online slots.

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