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Crate Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) steel is steel used to make crates mould, such as cold moulds, hot forging dies and die-cast dies. Crate mould are the primary processing tools for manufacturing industrial components such as machine building, radio equipment, electric motors and appliances. The quality of the crates mould directly affects the quality of the pressure processing technology, the precision production and production cost of the product, the quality and service life of the crates mould are mainly affected by the crates mould material and heat treatment, in addition to the reasonable structure design and Precision.

The steel for crates can be roughly divided into three types: cold-rolled die steel, hot-rolled die steel and plastic die steel for forging, stamping, cutting, die-casting, etc. Due to the use of various crates and different working conditions, the steel for crates should have high hardness, strength, wear resistance, sufficient toughness, high hardenability and quenching properties, depending on them. Working conditions for the manufacture of crates. Hard and other process performance. Due to different uses and complex working conditions, the performance requirements of crates die steel are also different.

The cold rolling die includes a cold die, a wire drawing die, a wire drawing die, a stamping die, a wire die, a rolled plate, a cold die and a cold extrusion die. Cold work die steel has high hardness, strength, wear resistance, sufficient toughness, high hardenability, hardenability and other process conditions. The alloy tool steel used for this purpose is usually a high carbon alloy steel having a carbon mass fraction of 0.80% or more. Chromium is an important alloying element of this steel, and its mass fraction usually does not exceed 5%.

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