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Some years ago, a couple I know moved to one of those gated retirement communities in Florida where everyone whizzes around in custom golf carts and there’s some kind of activity seemingly every waking moment, from pool calisthenics to Bingo to dance classes to martial arts to an “evening” happy hour that kicks off at 4 p.m., featuring cocktails with wacky names and singalongs of old standards by the piano.

After a half-decade, they moved back to Chicago, winters and all, with the explanation that for all the planned gaiety, everyone eventually winds up talking about their latest operation and counting the weeks until the next visit from the grandchildren.

In the fascinating and largely upbeat but occasionally melancholy documentary “Some Kind of Heaven,” we’re taken inside the retirement bubble world of The Villages, a community that almost DARES you to sit around talking about your latest operation. This is an almost unsettlingly peaceful, self-contained, and expansive retirement community in north-central Florida with a population of 130,000, with a median age of 68 (some 30 years older than the average American). The brainchild of Michigan businessman Harold Schwartz, who started selling land tracts in the 1960s, the neighborhoods in the Villages look like movie-set versions of idyllic American life, complete with comfortable, cookie-cutter houses and squeaky-clean town squares featuring restaurants and businesses and shops and other attractions, many with fake histories.

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