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The Crate Mould(FURNITUREMOULD) is a relatively large injection mould and one of the widely used plastic moulds. Apart from the mould quality and delivery date, I believe everyone is most concerned about the price of the crate mould. What is the price of a pair of folding crate mould? First of all, we must know that the quality of the mould is directly proportional to the price, low prices can only make an ordinary mould, of course, high prices are not necessarily 100% to make the best mould, so these are linked to the comprehensive strength of manufacturers.

The opening price depends on the following factors.

First, the size and shape of the product are simple and complicated. This decision, the mould has what corresponding structure, directly related to the cost of the mould, the general crate mould side inside is a lot of ribs, ribs generally use wire cutting, if processing is not in place, then use electric spark processing, processing beautiful or not beautiful depends on the processing equipment.

Second, mould technology and processing equipment: the arrangement of the technology and the selection of processing equipment directly affect the mould processing cost, which is also a relatively large proportion of the cost. If the processing equipment is used well, the products will be made beautifully, and the price of the mould will naturally be high. For example, the high-speed milling machine should be used for processing, and the other party will use the ordinary numerical control milling machine. The use of high-speed carved, the other side with ordinary carved processing; The precision lathe is used for processing, and the other party uses a numerical control milling machine. Although many processing techniques can achieve the purpose, the results are still different, thus making the product mould good or bad. Of course, it also directly affects the price of the mould.

Third, the product's requirements for size and appearance are different if they require precision and high appearance. The general appearance size requirement of crate mould is not too strict, because it is not an assembly part, but the appearance requirement is still relatively high, so try to polish with more than 500 fine sandpaper or oilstone. Some manufacturers use 200 grit sandpaper to polish directly in order to save costs.

Fourth, the mould material, which also accounts for a very high proportion of the cost, determines the mould production life, also determines the degree to which the mould can achieve.

Fifth, mould design: just like a car, different designs also determine the price of the mould.

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