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At ordinary times, we don't know how to maintain the Water Dispenser With Filtration(KOKOELECTRIC). In fact, water dispenser with filtration has a long service life. If it is not maintained for a long time, the filter element consumables will not be replaced regularly, and there is a danger of damaging the hot water tank of the water dispenser and important spare parts. Moreover, the quality of the outlet water also has potential safety hazards. Today, let's introduce how to maintain the water dispenser with filtration on a daily basis.

1. The most important thing in the maintenance of water dispenser with filtration is to replace filter consumables regularly and in time. After all, filter consumables are related to the quality of effluent water. In order to ensure that users can drink safer and safer drinking water, filter consumables must be replaced regularly.

2. The daily maintenance of water dispenser with filtration is indispensable. Regular inspections are carried out once a month. The inspection content is to check the working status of direct water dispensers during use, whether the connection pipe network and faucet are leaking, and whether all-important accessories are working normally. If there are problems, they can be replaced in time so as not to affect normal drinking water.

3. It is recommended to clean the hot water tank of the water dispenser with filtration every 2 months because the hot water tank is easy to scale or the heating wire has pollutants during heating, which will precipitate impurities and affect the normal use of the direct water dispenser.

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