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Quality is produced, and the production of high-quality wear resistant castings requires the joint efforts of our employees. The employees of the enterprise are the frontline agents of wear-resistant castings. Our employees are familiar with every detail in every link, and must strengthen the control of every key point. The quality of wear-resistant castings must be well done. Ten percent depends on technology and 90 percent depends on attitude.

The quality of high-quality wear-resistant castings will enable customers to cooperate with us for a long time. Although everyone is saying that the quality is directly proportional to the price, some prices are not directly proportional to the quality. If customers spend high prices to buy bad wear-resistant castings, it is estimated that there will be no cooperation in the future. It is also a common saying that people pay for experience.

We have our own testing lab and advanced and complete inspection equipments. Based on customer requirements, we can perform Chemical composition analysis, Microstructure analysis, Dye Penetration test, Magnetic Particle test, Ultrasonic test in house, etc., and provide the Quality Inspection Report, including Chemical composition, Mechanical properties, Dimension inspection and Non-Destructive reports, etc.

Shenyang Gongda Casting Co., Ltd. produces wear-resistant castings. You are welcome to make your choice so that you can buy and use them safely. If you have technical questions, please also consult us: https://www.wearresistantcasting.com/

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