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pirated copies of seven domestic films that released during the Spring Festival holidays have already begun springing up online. However, the number of infringing links in 2021 has been on the decline thanks to the joint efforts of Chinese authorities.

According to a Monday data report from China's 12426 Copyright Monitoring Center, as of Thursday, a total of 35,300 links suspected of copyright infringement have been found so far for four recently released films: Detective Chinatown 3, Hi, Mom, Boonie Bears: The Wild Life and The Yin Yang Master. The highest number of infringing links are for Hi, Mom, while Boonie Bears: The Wild Life comes next with 11,072, Detective Chinatown 3 at 9,358 and 3,436 for The Yin Yang Master.

The report shows that the number of suspected pirated links for Spring Festival films is currently lower than Spring Festival 2018 and 2019, but the current number of links is still on the rise.

Wu Guanyong, director of the center, told the Global Times that the number decreased thanks to Chinese authorities' previous copyright warnings issued to online platforms.

"Each network platform has strengthened the filtering and review of uploaded user content," said Wu.

On February 9, three copyright and film authorities released a statement outlining the joint action taken to protect film copyrights including a severe crackdown on illegal and criminal acts such as pirated recordings and distribution of pirated films during the Spring Festival holidays.

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